Wednesday, January 14, 2009

today's accomplishments

Today I finished a grant application for tomorrow's deadline. I also submitted the second of many letters of recommendation for one of my students from last year who is applying for summer internships. I read her most recent personal statement this morning and was very impressed by the changes she made based on my feedback. I'm embarrassed by it, but I totally get verklempt when I think about my students doing great things in science. Um, yeah. I can't really articulate it, but I get all emotional. Is that totally weird?

In other news, I'm such a bad swimmer! I've got to work on my form- a lot- if I'm going to do a triathlon! Mariyah and Amber want to do it too so I've got training buddies. Today I was just getting the rhythm of my terrible form when Mariyah gave me some pointers on my technique for the front crawl. Then I thought so hard about what my arms were doing that I had horrible rhythm, forgot to breathe and kicked only sporadically and thus could hardly make it halfway across the pool. I'm glad I have Mariyah around to give me swimming tips. I'll get the hang of it... eventually.


sarcozona said...

Yesterday was my first swim class - I haven't figured out the breathing at all. Everytime I try to get air, I either breathe or swallow water! And this is just kicking with my arms straight out in front of me... I'll probably drown when I actually have to use my arms.

Karina said...

I have a really hard time with the breathing too. I'm completely out of breath by the end of the pool. I totally relate to your difficulty!