Wednesday, January 31, 2018

2018...let's do some big things

I'm writing this much later than I would have liked, but still trying to squeeze my thoughts for the year into January—barely!

Last year, a friend of mine did monthly resolutions instead of year-long ones. I find this idea appealing, though I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do each month. February is really the only one I have figured out.

February is going to be about getting my email under control. My goal is to get to inbox zero for my personal email and basically stay there. I am recruiting an accountability buddy who I can check in with.

My friend said she liked best the monthly resolutions that involved a daily action rather than less habit-forming ones, but I think I'll probably have a mix of both. I like the idea of setting a goal of tackling a big, looming, one-off thing in a particular month.

There are other big things to look forward to in 2018, especially related to jobs.

I am going to start my dream job! More on that next month. *grins*

Jon is also going to change jobs, though he hasn't found his dream job yet. His current job is a terrible fit and he's actively looking for other opportunities.

We have a big trip planned with our nieces and nephews over the summer and I have big gardening plans.

I am still discouraged about the state of our country and world, but I am trying to find hope and make change in the places where I can.