Tuesday, January 13, 2009

once upon a time

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, Jon started building me a dresser. It was my Christmas gift in 2004. He designed it and started building it in 2005. He continued working on it in 2006 until we left for Remote Foreign Country when it looked like a dresser but needed all of the finishing touches. We stored it at his mom's house. We moved it to Big City. We put it in a closet, because there was no place for him to sand it and finish it. We moved upstairs, and moved it to a real workshop where he could actually work on it again. Mind you, this is possibly the heaviest dresser I've ever seen.

Christmas 2008, four years later. His goal was to finish it by Christmas, so we just redefined Christmas as last Sunday. Last week he told me he still wasn't quite finished but that it would be done today. On Sunday morning we exchanged gifts with each other while listening to Christmas music and then went bowling and to a museum. When we got home, I was completely surprised by this when I eventually went up to our room:

What a beautiful dresser! I am thrilled to pieces to finally see it completed.

What did I get for Christmas 2008 from Jon? A bed frame. He promises to get it done before 2012. :-)


Clarissa said...

Aww.. That was such a romantic gesture!

Alexandra said...

It's really beautiful!

Transient Theorist said...

Gorgeous piece of wood working, wow.

Also, I will re-affirm that part about it being pretty dang heavy...