Saturday, January 17, 2009


Jon and I are in Washington, DC until after inauguration. Unfortunately, I've got a lot of work to get done while we're here so I'm mostly holed up where we're staying at until Tuesday's events. I like DC. I almost went to Georgetown and loved visiting. We know several people here, too. I could live here.

I am a little disappointed that I'm not at ScienceOnline 2009. It sounds like Anne-Marie, Alice Pawley, Sciencewoman, and all the rest of you are having a great time. When I checked the registration a few months ago it was already full!

On the bright side, I do get to be in Washington, DC for one of the most historic speeches and events of my lifetime.

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penn said...

cool that you're there! I wish I could have stayed for inauguration. I did go to the big concert on Sunday, and it was awesome.

Hope you have fun, and I hope you blog about the speech!