Tuesday, January 20, 2009

that was totally worth it

Wow, there we SO MANY PEOPLE on the Mall! Sounds like it was me, Jon, and 2 million of our closest friends. Everything went very smoothly for us getting downtown and finding a place to watch even though we didn't have tickets. Now I'm watching the end of the parade on TV. I'm so glad that we decided to come to this historic event.

So, it appears that I left the cable for downloading photos from my camera at home, so I'll post photos from the inauguration on Wednesday or Thursday.


Eugenie said...

Very cool! I had a friend of mine decide to go down last minute and apparently my aunt is in the parade!

Transient Theorist said...

I'm wayyyy jealous. I saw parts of it on the big screen in the dining hall here over lunch, and it was pretty incredible.

sarcozona said...

Jealousy seconded. Send me a picture or two if you don't post any here?