Tuesday, June 10, 2008

things lost, broken, and forgotten

There are a few things I forgot to bring on this trip that would've
been nice to have, but not essential.
1) Camelbak reservoir (I have a Camelbak daypack which I love. I
mostly use it without the reservoir, but it would've been nice for
2) A small tripod. We had one in RFC and it was incredibly useful.
3) Long cord for my computer adapter. This would be especially
helpful now that I am having trouble with my two-prong adapter.

So far I've managed to lose three things on this trip.
1) One of my two outlet adapters. Unfortunately, my spare was left
with my friend in the city.
2) My visor. It was my first visor and it said "California." I left
it on one of the two buses I took to start my hike last week. Oh
well. It would have been nice to have it but I'm not heartbroken.
3) My Nalgene water bottle. This I lost getting off the bus on
Saturday. I'm not sure if someone pulled it out of the side pocket of
my bag, or if it fell out while I was pushing my way off the bus. It
has the name of SFC on it and I have some fond memories associated
with it, but I can live without it. I'm sure someone else will put it
to good use since they're such durable bottles.

The one thing that isn't working properly:
My computer adapter. I have to balance it very carefully in the
universal power strip for it to work when I'm not holding it. I
suspect the problem is in my adapter and not in the power strip, but
I don't know. Either way, it needs to keep working for just one more

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