Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer students

I can't believe how different my summer students are from my normal semester students- for the better. They're far more independent in the lab, especially my afternoon section. While they were working away this afternoon, I graded almost all of the assignments from both sections. They just didn't need me! I felt totally useless! They hardly asked any questions! And, most importantly, they didn't seriously screw anything up! I think they actually read the lab before coming to lab, or at the very least are able to read and follow directions well.

One difference is that I have several students from other universities, including some places like SFC. I also suspect that summer session students are, for the most part, overachievers. I have one student who is repeating the class to improve her grade.

Teaching this summer is turning out to be easier than I expected. I only have 2/3 as many students as in a normal semester, which means less grading and lab finishes earlier. I taught this class in the fall so I've also been through it once already. But seriously, I wish my afternoon students would ask me more questions. It would make me feel needed!

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