Monday, June 2, 2008

Ack! Adapter problems

My plans to blog keep getting thwarted! I stupidly left my outlet
adapter in the city I just left, and I'm not going back there for 2
weeks and I'm in a tiny town that isn't exactly on the beaten tourist
track. I was unsuccessful in finding an adapter yesterday afternoon,
so they told me to try again this morning. I was planning to spend
Sunday working on my computer, catching up on writing emails and
reading various articles. Since I couldn't plug in my computer and
wasn't sure when I would be able to (due to the possibility of not
finding an adapter here), I read and went to sleep early. Thankfully
I was able to find a universal power strip this morning, so I'm back
in action. Now let's see if I can get up to speed on what I've been

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