Friday, June 6, 2008

Obama AND a fellowship

I was out of cell phone contact and email for the past few days, and
I got two pieces of great news when I returned to electronic

-Clinton finally stepped out of the race and Obama has the democratic
nomination (Jon sent me a text about this that I received once I got
back in range)
-I've been offered the multidisciplinary fellowship I applied for!

So, I knew the Clinton thing was going to happen soon but I wasn't
expecting to hear back already about the fellowship! I'm still not
sure how it would work for me, so as soon as I get back I'd like to
talk to several people about it and be sure I understand what I'm
getting into and if I definitely want to do it. It's a NSF-funded
$30,000/year two-year fellowship, so it would be hard to decline that
kind of raise (~45%) but I really need to be sure it's the right
decision for my research and career direction and not just for my

More on my hike tomorrow.


Anne-Marie said...

Is it an IGERT program? Whatever it is, CONGRATULATIONS!

Alexandra said...

That's really great! Congratulations!

EcoGeoFemme said...