Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nyota difficulties

I spent the past couple of days exploring one part of Nyota, and last
night I had to move to a different area using public transportation.
This turned into a much larger endeavor than I anticipated, because I
waited for about 4 hours to get a ride. In the meantime, I drew,
listened to my ipod, and read my camera manual, but it was still boring.

The buses that passed either weren't going far enough, or were
already jam-packed with people (inside and even a few guys on the
roof). I had to wait to hitch a ride with a passing lorry. Finally at
dusk a logging truck came by. The cook was also headed the same way
so thankfully I wasn't alone with a bunch of truck drivers who don't
speak English.

First of all, I am amazed that anything gets up and down this road,
let alone 3-4 big overloaded buses twice a day plus several lorries.
This isn't even the worst season for the road! What a ride. I wish my
camera had been accessible to shoot some video.

When I got to the other part of Nyota about an hour later when it was
completely dark, the cook took me to the rest house. She left before
I realized I wasn't actually at the correct rest house (the one I
thought I was going to). The man there was very hospitable,
especially considering that I was very confused about why I'd ended
up where I did. The place was a nice old building that reminded me of
the field station I visited last week, so it ended up not being a
problem, but I was discombobulated by the mix up. This experience
reinforced how important it is for me to be conversant in the
language here. Knowing the tribal language really wouldn't hurt
either, since they often use both!

This morning I switched from the first rest house to the one I
thought I was going to last night. Thankfully, it wasn't a problem at
all. And I finally bought one of the books I've been searching for! I
went on another hike today with two other travelers. Now I've
divulged to the guide that I'm interested in potentially doing
research here next year. I've got to be sure I can carefully,
tactfully get all of the information I need before I leave! I'm
beginning to worry that I haven't left myself enough time here by
saving it for the end of the trip.

Unfortunately, for some reason I'm not allowed (able?) to connect my
laptop here so this probably won't get posted until I get back to the
city on Saturday.

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