Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seeing change happen

Several months ago I wrote about how I was trying to make it easier for people in my department to print double-sided (here). I talked to the IT guy, wrote to the department head, talked to the head secretary, and it sounded pretty hopeless. I hadn't heard anything since February so I assumed my efforts were for naught... until today.

I got an email from the IT guy- they successfully networked our big, fancy photocopier so that you can print to it rather than the very old laserjet that only prints single sided. I hope that this will truly save a lot of paper!

I'm pretty sure this wouldn't have happened at all if someone hadn't suggested it. I'm looking forward to teaching Herb how to use it and that alone I think will save a forest (he currently prints so much single-sided!).

This is a change for the better- and better late than never.


EcoGeoFemme said...

OMG so awesome! for so many reasons.

JaneB said...

Well done!!