Friday, June 13, 2008

images from my week

I'm feeling good about what I've learned this week. At least now I
can visualize where I'll be working! Here are some photos from this
week, including the biggest, rolliest rolly pollys ever. They're
about the diameter of a penny or nickel when they roll up. I tried
making a fern print on my arm but I'm far too pale for it to show up.
The caterpillars were being raised for a butterfly project that sends
pupae all over the world and provides income to butterfly farmers
here near Nyota. The caterpillar in the middle looks exactly like a
bird turd. Good camouflage.


matt said...

is that a tattoo on the guys arm?

Karina said...

No, he just picked a fern leaf, laid it on his arm, and tapped it so the spores came off. This kind of fern has white spores so they show up well on dark skin. That would be an awesome tattoo, though!

El said...

I was going to ask the same thing. That's a great photo. It looks almost ghostly!

I know I haven't really commented at all, but I've been following all your posts about your trip and I must say, I'm jealous.