Sunday, June 8, 2008

Registering for the ESA annual conference

I'm really excited about attending the Ecological Society of
America's annual conference this summer. I've never been to a big
conference of any sort. I felt like I'd been missing out for the past
few years when I've known so many other colleagues and friends going.
So, this summer I'm going even though I'm not presenting anything.

In order to meet the early registration deadline I have to register
while I'm still in Ukenzagapia so I started looking at my options.
Well, first I was just going to register, but then I realized there
are heaps of field trips and additional sessions ($$) to choose from.
I've emailed a few friends to ask what they're planning to do. I know
I shouldn't wait too long because many (all?) of these will fill up.
Maybe I should just go ahead and register for the normal stuff and
figure out the extras later.

Do any of you (my faithful readers) have strategies for planning what
to do at a conference, especially ESA?

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