Friday, May 22, 2009

Some progress towards field work

After nine separate visits to the same office on four different days,
I have completed step 2- just in time for the weekend. Next week I
have to do steps 3 and 4. I think the earliest that I can leave for my
field site is Wednesday. Bummer.

I have absolutely no weekend plans that don't involve my computer or a
book. I'm not terribly motivated to go on a day trip by myself and I
really do have a lot to do so unless something more exciting presents
itself I'll be at the hostel or internet cafes all weekend working and

One thing I plan to do this weekend is write for the June Scientiae
carnival. I haven't written for Scientiae in ages, and I think the
last time I did my submission didn't make it into the carnival. June's
theme is Moving Forward. I can definitely write about that.

Speaking of blogs and blogging, another goal this weekend it to catch
up on blogs for the first time in months (like, since before
Christmas). The list of blogs I read while I'm here in Ukenzagapia is
getting cut because I'm exclusively using a feed reader. If it's not
in the feed, I'm not going to use the bandwidth for the rest of it
unless it's really compelling. Pictures also don't work so well
offline, which certainly makes Dr. Isis's blog less enjoyable. Also,
I'm less likely to comment on other blogs. I've hardly done this
anyways the past few months (which is partly why I think there are so
few comments here), but if you've ever commented on my blog there's a
pretty good chance you're in my feed reader.

I've finally abandoned Safari for RSS feeds (it's really sucking for a
lot of things now) and moved to using NetNewsWire. Does anyone out
there have other suggestions for standalone applications for reading
feeds offline? I'm not sold on this program yet but it's what Jon uses.

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Albatross said...

I'm just catching up blogs as well. I hope everything goes well with the remaining steps and for the rest of your trip- especially the research part! It sounds like you are really prepared and will have a successful trip!