Sunday, May 17, 2009

home sweet hostel home

Well, here I am now in my hostel room sitting under my mosquito net
with the faint smell of burning plastic bags lingering in the air. My
flight was delayed over an hour, but the Ph.D. student who met me at
the airport was thankfully patient, kind and helpful. First we had to
go drop off my equipment at the university for safekeeping so I have
less to worry about at the hostel. Then he drove me here to the
hostel. I'm so glad that I didn't have to hire a taxi to run me around
at midnight.

I was really stressed out yesterday about this hostel reservation. I
emailed them earlier this week to reserve a single, but I didn't hear
back. Then I tried to call yesterday before I left, but the man I
spoke to said I had to call back on Saturday morning. So I called
right after I landed in Europe during my layover (once I figured out
which phone to use), and I was told to call back after 10 am. Finally
I spoke to a woman and reserved a double room (singles were booked)
and informed her that I'd be coming in late. Whew. Here I am after 24+
hours of travel time.

I think I've only slept about 1-2 hours since Friday morning. I'm
planning to sleep tomorrow until whenever I wake up on my own (or by
the noises outside). Then first thing tomorrow I need to buy a sim
card for my phone and some bottled water.

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