Tuesday, May 12, 2009

procrastinator's punishment

Crap. I waited too long. This was really dumb of me. I've been delaying purchases of most of my equipment and supplies while I tried to sort out how to pay for everything. Most of these things will arrive on Wednesday and Thursday this week. I leave on Friday. Eek! Jon will bring with him in June whatever doesn't come by Friday. But for one thing I've really screwed myself over. They need 8 weeks lead time, and I've only got 4 weeks until Jon leaves. Crap. I don't think we can trust this equipment in the mail to Ukenzagapia, so I'm not sure what to do. There's a possibility that someone else may be able to bring it to Ukenzagapia later in the summer but at that point it may not be worth it anymore. Why did I wait so long?

On the bright side, this equipment isn't essential to the first part of my project. This equipment was just going to be used to pilot a newish method to work out the kinks before I really invest in it. I told Sam I wasn't even going to worry about testing this particular aspect this summer but he urged me to go for it so that the Ukenzagapian students would be able to start working with the equipment too. Crap. Now I've got to tell him it's a no-go (or a seriously provisional go), and he intimidates me over email. Blah.

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Paulina said...

have you tried the sale reps, knocking some heads, etc? sometimes you can shave quite a bit off the time if you are persistent.