Sunday, May 17, 2009

general craziness, and apparently I should keep a blog

On Wednesday night, Jon and I hosted a visiting scientist who my
interdisciplinary cohort asked to help us with our project. He was
already coming in for another event so he came out a day early to meet
with us. I, feeling bad about missing the event this weekend related
to our project, volunteered to host him. It worked out fine and he is
a great person, but it certainly didn't make the week any less

I spent most of Thursday meeting with my interdisciplinary group and
the visiting scientist. Our project is really coming together in an
exciting way and I'm sad to be missing a big chunk of the field work
this summer. There's plenty that I can do from afar, but it will be
harder. I've really got to make time and space for myself to think
about that project in addition to what I'll have going on in

My interdisciplinary cohort is going to have some kind of blog about
our project. I explained how Google Analytics works, mentioning that
Jon and I had a blog while we traveled in RFC, and my cohort was like,
"You should totally keep a blog this summer in Ukenzagapia!" Ummm...
Yeah. I guess I should. I gave a somewhat hesitant non-committal
response. So, should I have a real research blog where I talk for real
and non-anonymously about what I do? In addition to this one which I
have no intention of giving up? What do you think?


Paulina said...

tough choice, cause that's double the work...

sarcozona said...

If you think you have time, I'd say go for it. I think it'll 1) Be a good record of your thoughts and experiences 2) Help you connect with other people doing similar things 3) Be useful for people who want to do similar things.

EcoGeoFemme said...

I agree with sarcozona if you have time. Plus, it might help build your case for a study abroad kinda position like you described at an SFC.

Karina said...

Yeah, it probably would be a good idea for me to have a real-life blog. I just need to think about how to mentally divide my posts because I don't want the blogs to say the same thing. I will continue to ponder this dilemma.