Saturday, May 16, 2009

30 pounds

Jon helped me pack on Thursday night in record time. I most of my
stuff generally gathered, but not packed at all. We packed it all up
in two bags plus my carry on, only to weigh them and discover that my
"research" bag weighed a whopping 80 pounds-- 30 pounds more than
allowed. Yikes.

I immediately took out 20 pounds of books and eliminated another 10 by
reducing the quantity of things like marking flags (all those metal
flag sticks get heavy!). This means that Jon will be bringing a lot
more stuff that we'd originally planned. I thought he'd only have the
few last-minute purchases but now he'll probably have close to 50
pounds of equipment and books too.

I'm currently waiting to board my flight to Ukenzagapia at a nice
European airport. More posts in the pipeline.

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