Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Almost done with paperwork!

After a relatively successful morning yesterday, I was totally wiped
out for the rest of the day. I had a headache, generally didn't feel
well, and wasn't able to get much done. I fell asleep early and had a
dream in the wee hours that my sister was alive again and I had
another chance to be her sister. Sadly, I realized I was dreaming
something impossible and woke up from my dream. Thus I started the day
feeling better physically but worse emotionally. It didn't get much
better when Jon and I chatted about our finances.

I went to breakfast trying to be more optimistic but was disheartened
that I hadn't heard from the man who was supposed to call me yesterday
about completing step 4. I left breakfast resigned to the fact that I
probably wouldn't complete step 4 until the end of the week, but I
returned to my room to find a text message on my phone saying step 4
was ready and I should pick it up before 10 am! So I hopped on a bus
and rushed to the office, made it back here within an hour, and step 4
is DONE.

Now I'm only waiting on step 3, and all I CAN do is wait. As soon as
it is ready I can tell my field assistants to meet me in the city, and
then we can go to Nyota!

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