Wednesday, May 13, 2009

gear and packing

Today I received four boxes of last-minute equipment. I'm just waiting on one more shipment to arrive before I leave on Friday. My fingers are crossed that it arrives tomorrow.

It turns out that I was unnecessarily pessimistic yesterday about the equipment I thought I wouldn't be able to get. I called another company that can get it in a month so I placed the order today. Jon will bring that equipment when he comes in June. I'll be able to test it out after all!

The downside of ordering the additional equipment is paying for it. Sam is effectively loaning me grant money which I will repay him with future grant money by purchasing some of the equipment, but the rest is coming out of my budget. Eek. More on budgeting later.

Packing? I still haven't really started. I have a pile of stuff in the corner of our room and I brought home most of the stuff from my office. Jon is going to help me pack tomorrow night. He's much more efficient than I am because I'd sit there for 10 minutes pondering something like how many cases to bring for my contact lenses and which bags to pack them in.

Half of tomorrow is wrapped up in meetings with a visiting scientist who Jon and I are hosting tonight. Maybe more on that later. The rest of tomorrow is running errands, packing, and spending quality time with Jon.

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