Friday, February 27, 2009

people need to stop dying

Seriously people. Come on. I don't want anyone else in my family, or family of my family, family of friends, or friends of family to die for at least the next six months.

My maternal grandmother is in the hospital with irregular heart beats and high blood pressure. She might have had a heart attack. They're doing tests tonight to try and figure it out. Thankfully, she also has high spirits. Please keep my grandma in your thoughts and prayers.

February is a hard time of the year. It seems like a time when older people whose health has been slowly declining and people fighting terminal illness lose their struggles. So many people I know have lost friends and relatives in the past month. Let's list them by degrees of separation, shall we?

One degree
1. My sister.
2. My grandmother.

Two degrees
3. My little cousin's first grade teacher died suddenly of meningitis (3 people in her life in 1 week- she's worried about who will die next).
4. My friend's uncle died after a long battle with cancer.
5. Leo's graduate advisor died.
6. EGF's uncle passed away.

Three degrees
7. My cousin's partner's (cousin in law?) grandfather died.
8. My friend's best friend lost her mom.
9. My student's family lost a close family friend to a sudden heart attack.

10? My best friend's friend tried to kill himself twice in recent months. He has been missing since Tuesday, and his wife is pregnant with their first child.

Enough already.


EcoGeoFemme said...

I'm so sorry. What a rough time for you. It can't help you deal with your own losses to continually hear about new ones from other people.

I'll be thinking about your grandmother.

Karina said...

My grandmother is doing better today and her heart is beating regularly again. She doesn't have blood clots. She'll still be in the hospital until at least Monday.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

sorry to hear about your recent losses. These things seem to go in cycles. I've been through bad periods too when it seems like everyone's dying. But it doesn't last. Really.