Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Writing and misc

Today I told myself I couldn't leave school until I wrote the introduction for my review paper (or at least one single-spaced page of it). I left at 9:30 pm, which sadly means I was at school for 14 hours. Oh well. I really really really want to get this review paper done (again) and do it well. I think the introduction is the hardest part of the paper for me because my last draft was really unfocused. I had to think really hard about how to structure it this time, and I think I might be on to something. I also found some cool new (to me) literature to incorporate.

For most of today I worked on my proposal that is due tomorrow. I substantially modified an earlier proposal and I still have a few small changes to make to it tonight. I like to finish things, set them aside for a while (even if only a few hours) and re-read it before submission. I also have to prepare my game theory presentation for tomorrow. I've been meaning to write more about this. Maybe tomorrow I will.

I also managed to write some emails about various pre-trip logistical questions I'd like to sort out, which includes determining my eligibility for next year's NSF GRF. More on that later too.

In exciting personal life news, Jon and I are now ant farmers :-) The much-anticipated ants arrived the other day and are making tunnels like crazy.

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Alexandra said...

Jon has been wanting those ants for years, it seems. I'm so glad he (and you) finally got them!