Monday, April 21, 2008

Visas, forms, more red tape

Right now I have to complete two seemingly insignificant lines on my visa application, but I'm waiting to hear back from Sam about what to put on them. I really wanted to get this out today but it looks like it will have to be first thing tomorrow morning instead. Arg!

Today I learned that it is cheaper to get a money order from the Post Office than to get it from my bank, even though I am a bank customer. How annoying that I learned that after I paid my bank $5 when the P.O. charges $1.05. (Obviously I am very frugal because I care about that extra $3.95).

I had to fill out some paperwork today for the advance of funds I'll get to cover my travel expenses. They are giving me an advance even though the university hasn't received the funds yet from Grant B. It's all very complicated. International field work takes a lot of logistical planning with substantial lead time. I think I've done a pretty good job staying on top of things but I haven't been perfect.

I think I'm hungry. I'm kind of cranky and just want to go home but I'm waiting to hear from Sam. On the bright side, today is a beautiful day.

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