Monday, April 21, 2008

The last place you look

I had to find my yellow fever vaccination card tonight. Of course things are always in the last place you look, but often it seems like you find them in the last possible place you could look.

Tonight we literally took apart the office to find my yellow fever card because tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment to get ready to go, and if I can't find the card I might have to get re-vaccinated. Jon's makeshift desk is mostly supported by five boxes full of books and miscellaneous papers. I knew the the card had to be somewhere in one of those five boxes. The first four boxes had nothing even remotely close. As soon as I opened the fifth box, I had a feeling it would be in there. This box contained various letters, photos, notebooks, and miscellany from the three big trips I did during college. The last time I needed my yellow fever card was when I studied abroad in college, so I had a hunch it was in there somewhere. I cursed when I got to the bottom of the box because I still hadn't found it. But then as I started putting things back in, I realized there was an envelope I hadn't checked yet. Lo and behold- there is was among ticket stubs, receipts, and business cards.

Replacing my yellow fever card is one less thing I have to do before I leave in less than three weeks. I thought I'd been vaccinated for nearly everything you can be vaccinated for (except, ironically, HPV and the flu), but I realized last week that I'm due again for tetanus and typhoid. I imagined those things would last forever when I got them in college.

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