Thursday, April 10, 2008

One pair of underwear

Yes, things are getting desperate here. The mountain of laundry is spilling out of the closet all the way to the bed, and that's not all of it. After tomorrow I am down to one pair of clean underwear. I think this is the first time in my life that nearly all of my clothing is dirty (I estimate about 90-95% of it). This is particularly a milestone for running out of underwear. I own LOTS of underwear. I went on lots of Victoria's Secret buying crazes with friends in college and high school and I still have most of that underwear. I think last time I counted I had 45 or 50 pairs of underwear. That's right, I'm almost out. I've worn everything- even the ones that usually get avoided- all my everyday underwear, period underwear, boy shorts, camping underwear, lacy stuff, everything. We haven't done laundry in approximately 6 weeks. I've only got a handful of t shirts and a few tank tops, and I've been carefully re-wearing shirts all week.

Why so desperate? Well, right around the time I had my appendectomy three weeks ago, the washer in our building also broke. Since we are car-free and I'm not allowed to do any heavy lifting, a trip to the laundry mat just wasn't in the cards. It actually might have been reparied today, but we haven't been up to check this evening as we were out grocery shopping. Oh yeah, we hadn't done a serious grocery shopping trip in over 2 months so we were getting pretty desperate for food too.

I feel like my weekend started today after I turned in my paper for Herb's class. It was ok, but not great. I was working right down to the wire. I've done better. I'd rather focus on the review I'm working on, especially since I haven't actually worked on it in a month! Getting appendicitis really shot my plans for that.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Austin, Texas for the weekend to visit a friend. Hopefully the washer is fixed so that Jon will be able to do some laundry while I'm gone. I think we'll have about 8 loads between all of our clothing, towels, and sheets. We've had a lot of people spend the night recently. Anyways, I probably won't post again until Monday when I get back. Maybe I'll post some pictures. This blog needs more pictures. Everyone loves pictures. I'll try to make a point of posting more. Austin, here I come!


El said...

I got into the habit over the holidays of 'saving' my laundry for when I went to visit my family, so that I wouldn't have to pay to use the apartment's facilities. I would go a month to six weeks between loads. In a way I actually kinda liked it when I got down to the last 10% of clean clothes, because I'd be so frantic to find something to wear that I'd uncover something I'd used to love but had forgotten about.

Paulina said...

oh the joys of homeownership - I have my laundry machine right here at home! I'll hate to give that up...