Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A page an hour

When I really sit down to write, I usually write about one double-spaced page per hour. I always write single-spaced though and double-space it at the end. I'm writing a paper for Herb's class that is due on Thursday. I'm not very excited about it and I can think of plenty of things I'd rather be doing, such as getting my legs waxed or doing my taxes.

I'm not leaving until I get at least one more single-spaced page written (so that's at least 2 hours at my speed). There's a possibility I'll sleep here tonight which would suck 'cause I want to take a shower but I also have to be back here really early in the morning to teach and I would get to sleep more if I just stayed here.

Ok, I've been on 'break' for almost 30 minutes now so I need to unplug the internet and get back to work.


Anne-Marie said...

For a research paper, a page an hour is really good! I usually only manage about half that, but that is partly because I am constantly Googling things and looking up references as I go.

Take it easy!

Karina said...

This paper is kind of weird and I'm trying something different- all the writing I'm doing tonight is based on my own thoughts to set up the criteria by which something can be demonstrated, so I'm not looking up any references. Tomorrow I'll have to find the references to support all my crazy ideas (or not) and I think the process will go much slower, especially since I'll be delving into lots of literature I've never read before.