Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good kind of day

Lots of good things happened today. First I presented a poster of my proposed research in our required class. I hadn't actually prepared what I wanted to say, so I stumbled over my words a bit more than I would've liked, but I think my classmates were generally interested in the topic and they asked good questions. Some hard questions that I didn't have the answers to (What's your control? Why don't you exclude all of the critters and see what happens then?). It was good to receive feedback from people who don't spend all their time thinking about critters and/or their impacts. Their questions and suggestions will be useful for writing my proposal which is due next week.

I got my paper back from Herb's class (this one). I wasn't thrilled with it when I turned it in, but I got an excellent grade and he wants to post it as an example! This made me happy.

This evening I went to the museum to schmooze with some rich museum supporters, and received the excellent news that my proposal for Grant E will be funded! Yay! Leo told me my proposal was ranked highly for scientific merit so it was likely to be funded, but it's great to know now for sure.

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Alexandra said...

Congratulations on everything, but especially getting your grant! That's really great.