Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Urgh. Blah.

That's how I feel. I took a shower today which was much more exhausting than I thought it would be. While in the shower I discovered a HUGE bruise on my arm from one of the three painful shots they gave me after surgery to prevent blood clots. On the bright side, I don't think the scars from my appendectomy will be very noticeable once they heal.

I have a lot of writing to do today and I just can't seem to get my head into it. This stuff is really time sensitive or I wouldn't be worrying about it. I had planned to be working on these things at my desk in my office with few distractions and instead I'm practically horizontal in bed trying to write a problem statement while listening to the building construction next door and the ice cream truck tune (yes, I suppose spring is here). I can think of so many things I'd rather be doing than trying to write while recovering from appendicitis. Ahhhhhh!!!!!

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Alexandra said...

Sounds awful! I'm impressed that you are even trying to work. I hope you heal really soon!