Sunday, March 2, 2008


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Today Anne-Marie at Pondering Pikaia wrote a post about two interesting scientist instruction books she just read, which reminded me that I have been meaning to blog about Bookmooch.

Bookmooch is an online tool for connecting people who want books with the people who have them- worldwide! You pay for shipping to send you unwanted books to people who want them, and other people send books that you want to you! It's based on a point system. You get points for sending and listing books, and you use your points to get books from others. Everyone should check it out now and sign up.

I love books, and I don't usually part with them, but this site gave me a great excuse to go through my shelves and think about books that I didn't really need anymore. Books from classes I took (or even dropped) in college but kept the books because I thought I might want to read/reread them someday, but I actually haven't even thought about them in 6 years. Cookbooks I never used. Gift books that I've never read that can't fetch more than $2 on This is the way to make sure they go to people who really want to read them! I think I've sent about 10 books out on bookmooch, and I've received 3.

My reason for wanting to spread the word about Bookmooch is partly selfish, since I really want more people to sign up and list the books on my wishlist (eg. 1491; Guns, Germs, & Steel; Jane Goodall: The woman who redefined man; Omnivore's Dilemma; Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers...). Bookmooch emails you when books on your wishlist become available so that you can request it to be sent to you, but some books are so wishlisted (300+ people want it) that you've got to act quickly.

What are you waiting for? You must have at least a few books that could use a new home. Join now and start mooching!

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EcoGeoFemme said...

That sounds really cool. I usually borrow books from my mom so I don't have many to get rid of, but I'll check it out anyway.