Sunday, March 16, 2008

No work weekend

This weekend one of my friends from Small Friendly College came to visit on short notice (she called on Wednesday). I didn't have huge plans for working like I did the past two weekends (eg. here), but if she hadn't been here I probably would've spent most of today doing various academic things. I'm really glad that she visited because we had a great time, especially last night when two other SFC friends came over. I love my SFC friends- they're all doing such interesting things and it's fun to catch up on the latest gossip of our classmates' adventures. I also find it fascinating to see how the SFC-effect has played out in our lives. But I digress.

I haven't done any work this weekend. We were out on the town yesterday afternoon exploring Big City, had four people over for dinner last night and ate and drank until 2:30 am, slept in late today, and went to Big Natural History Museum this afternoon (where we randomly ran into another SFC classmate- it's a small world). My friend left at 4:30, and I stopped at the grocery for some food and pharmacy to get passport photos taken on the way home. Then Jon and I watched Sicko (and most of the extras), and now here I am posting to my blog. I might read an article for Herb's class in bed, or perhaps I'll start a new book I got on Bookmooch.

Do I feel bad about not working this weekend? Not really. I know it's not worth fretting over. I spent too many years of my life in high school and college (mostly HS, really) being stressed out about work instead of actually working. Besides, I have few scheduled events on Mondays. But, it does mean that I have quite a bit to accomplish tomorrow. Such as:

-work on a mathematical model for Chip before our Monday afternoon meeting
-yet another grant (this is F) that is due on Friday
-read articles for Herb's class
-read for lab meeting
-renew my passport (arg, this might get its own post soon)
-come up with teaching evaluation questions to get feedback from my students about my teaching
-create a broad outline of my Ph.D. so that I can acquire the necessary permits for my field work this summer (I probably should've had this done last Friday)

Eek. Tomorrow is going to be busy.

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