Monday, January 1, 2024

Looking forward to 2024

I want this to be a less-is-more kind of year, like a life edit. I want to work less. I want to commit to less. I want to have less stuff.

In that vein, today I'm ending a hobby streak that I've cultivated over the last few years. I'm releasing myself from that commitment to make room for something else. 

I also stepped back my involvement in a volunteer role I've had for several years. I know it's the right decision for me this year.

In no particular order, here are some things I'm looking forward to:

  • Total solar eclipse on April 8. We saw the one in 2017 and it was spectacular. 
  • Family trips this spring & summer
  • Two weddings
  • Hiking every month with Adele (for real this time—it's scheduled)
  • A solo trip or two
  • Weekly family meetings (we're starting these this year)
  • Hiring new people to distribute some of my responsibilities at work
There are a couple of dark clouds looming for this year. I fear it may be the last for our darling 13 year old dog. She suddenly aged a lot in the last year, and we found out she has degenerative myelopathy, which is untreatable. She still seems happy and she's getting around (slowly), but I know it will get harder for her. 

The other looming cloud is the presidential election. I will feel better from taking some concrete actions with other people, like sending postcards to voters or something like that. I'm not sure yet what form that action will take.

I feel like I spend a fair amount of time inside my own head, even when I'm spending time with friends or family. I hope this year to do a better job of being present in the moment, instead of distracted by what's going on in my mind. 

Let's see what 2024 has in store.

Happy New Year!

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