Monday, February 15, 2010

Lab resident

A few months ago I posted a survey asking readers if they ever sleep in their office. I have heard rumors of people living in their offices before (not just grad students, but professors who shall remain pseudonymless). Now I've seen it. Someone is living in our lab.

Ne is a grad student in our lab who was away for a long time doing field research and things back in nir home country. Now ne is back for the term to try and finish up. Ne didn't find a place to stay before ne got here, so ne just moved into the lab for the time being. I should probably mention that no one does real lab work in our lab- it basically serves as a kitchen, storage unit, and computer graveyard. Ne isn't in anyone's way, and the lab has never been so clean the whole time I've been here.

I asked nir where ne sleeps (nir office doesn't have a good couch) and ne said ne just lays out nir sleeping bag on the lab bench! Sure enough, I nearly busted out laughing when I saw nir bedroll stored neatly on the bench for the day. Ne said ne might buy a tent to set up in the lab and have some privacy! LOL! The rumors you heard are true.


Paulina said...

You asked Nir if Ne sleeps on Hir bed? I am confused :) Ne Nir Hir dictionary needed...

My word verification is Comical, how appropriate.

Karina said...

Whoops! I typed hir when I meant nir. I just fixed it. This is my attempt at gender-neutral pronouns. :-)