Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I finally submitted the NSF proposal that I intended to submit in
March. It feels so anticlimactic. The process just dragged on and on
for some reasons beyond my control.

After all that, I'm not very optimistic about this proposal being
funded. We'll see, but I'm not holding my breath. I expect to apply
again. This summer I'm trying out some of the methods I proposed and
I'm a little worried that they won't pan out. They aren't working yet.
This may be a case of me wimping out before I've really given
something the good old college try, which is something I'm going to
blog about soon.

Speaking of blogging and things that take forever to get submitted, I
decided that I need to spend as much time or more working on my review
paper as I do blogging. Now. Here in Ukenzagapia. Even while I'm
trying to finish out my first field season. Which is why I haven't
blogged much for the past few days. I've got a lot of posts kicking
around in my brain but I haven't let myself sit down and work them out
yet because I've absolutely got to get this review paper out this
fall, and it still needs major work. I have done basically nothing on
it for 6 months, and I am so horrified to realize that (and admit it).

Well, the timer is ticking so I'd better just post this now.

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Alexandra said...

I've missed your posts. :( I check every day. (Is that pathetic?) Also, your doggie is very cute.