Friday, July 3, 2009

Bulleted thoughts from the field

-The power came back on this afternoon, thankfully.
-Today my data collection was cut a bit short by an encounter with a
dangerous animal. My field assistant scared the bejeezus out of me
when he spotted it. We decided to call it a day and leave the site.
-The weather has been oppressive.
-I made a small friend (see photo).
-I've eaten a lot of ants today. They came with the food.
-I need to become fluent in Ukenzagapese.
-I think I'm getting more poison tree rash on my arm. I definitely
have it on my face.
-Do any of my readers have a dbh tape that they just LOVE? If so,
where can I get one like yours? Do they make small diameter tapes
(like for trees under 15 cm dbh)? The crap is getting beat out of mine
and we aren't even using it that much. I'm going to need a new one,
and they aren't cheap so I'd rather just get an awesome one next time.

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