Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Expect the unexpected

I'd like to start this post by mentioning that I haven't freaked out
AT ALL about my project since before Jon returned home. This is in
spite of the fact that today is the first day in the past two weeks
that has gone generally as planned. The past two weeks have brought
late field assistants, motorbike mechanical problems, vain attempts to
catch critters, a minor motorbike wipeout, and unsuitable field sites.
In spite of those setbacks, we have managed to accomplish something
every single day.

Unexpected good things are also happening. The phenology of some major
life history events is turning out to be different than I expected. I
thought I'd have to be here in February or March to see it, but
instead it's happening right around now. As a result, I might get to
set up an experiment that I didn't think I'd be able to do yet. Just
as exciting if not more so, this week I made some observations that
contradict current knowledge of the system. I might get a small
natural history note out of it if I can get enough data.

Also, Herb just suggested I get a 12 gauge shotgun. I wonder how many
grants include a gun in the budget? Are there rules against that?

Life at the house hasn't been without its drama either. The cell tower
was out for a day because the generator ran out of fuel. The water
supply at the house is erratic for reasons unknown, and after several
days of nearly uninterrupted power we had a two and a half day
brownout. Thankfully, I'm still able to power my computer during a
brownout. The most exciting and unexpected domestic event: I
accidentally made cheese! And it was good! I left some milk sit too
long and it started to look curdley (is that a word?). I didn't want
to deal with it then so I left it until the next day and when I opened
it to give it to Mommy Dog, I thought it looked cheese-ish so I
decided to strain it instead. I poured it into a cloth and suspended
it for about 48 hours and then it really looked like cheese! It had a
consistency similar to feta but a milder flavor.

I'm trying to embrace the unexpected. After all, sometimes life gives
you cheese.

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Alexandra said...

That's great that you got cheese!

What is the gun for?