Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am not a bad person...

...even if my bank blacklisted me forever and closed all of my accounts.

This is my mantra. I will not let my bank make me feel like a bad

So, I'm looking for a new bank. Any recommendations for banks with
debit cards with low international transaction fees?

In other news, I'm back at Nyota, Jon is on his way back to Big City,
and I've got several blog posts in the works.


ScienceWoman said...

That's pretty shitty of your bank. Is there a local credit union where you can get an account? Sometimes they are much nicer than the big bank chains.

Alexandra said...

What?! That seems crazy. I don't understand why they blacklisted you. It's not like you did anything illegal or won't pay what you owe or have an awful credit rating or something. What reasoning did they give you? And yes, you are not a bad person because of the bank's actions.

Karina said...

I'll check into the local credit union options as I haven't done that before. The university might have one.

Karina said...

It's more complicated but I don't feel like getting into the details on the blog right now.

EcoGeoFemme said...

Blacklisted? Seriously? You had been with them a long time, right (I think I remember Economical Academic posts)? Amazing that they would drop you.

Good luck figuring something out. At least you and Jon are married now, so he should be able to do things for you that he might not have been authorized to do before.

Transient Theorist said...

Credit unions are the best. The tiny tiny credit union I joined at my undergrad school had about 3 employees - two of which are still there, and recognize me by name when I return even after graduating (and I only make it through that town every couple of months). Very friendly, very personal.

I use the same bank as the one that Karina uses, but only for my savings (because they used to have a better interest rate). Even that's gone down the tubes though so I may move things around. I've also joined a CU where I'll be going to graduate school. Word is that they're really helpful places for someday in the future when I might have to take out a car or house loan, as they tend not to charge high interest rates (comparatively).