Monday, June 29, 2009

Submit now or wait?

I've been waiting for months for a few small things needed to submit
the grant that my prelim proposal was written for. These pieces were
completely beyond my control. I finally got them, so I have everything
I need to submit.

However, the original plan was to submit this grant in March or early
April. It has no preliminary data. I would hear back in about 6
months, and expect to re-submit in October with preliminary data
collected from this summer. Now it's nearly July. If I submit now
without preliminary data, I won't hear back until January. I'll
probably still have to resubmit, in which case I won't hear until next

Now my options are:
1. Go ahead and submit now while I've got it all together.
2. Wait until I finish collecting and analyzing preliminary data from
this summer and incorporate it into my proposal.

I asked Herb what I should do, but the jury is out. What do you think?
I'll post Herb's advice in the comments after I get some advice from


Paulina said...

submit once you have the data sounds like a better idea unless you loose out on something if you wait.

EcoGeoFemme said...

Do it now. You could be successful, and then you'd have the money for next summer. Or not, but then if you got it the next round you'd know you had some funding well in advance of the next summer which might help your planning. Plus, if it doesn't go well, you might have an extra chance for the next summer.

Karina said...

Herb said that if the preliminary data will be clear and compelling then I should wait to submit. It could be either one part of the question answered clearly showing support to move on to the next one, or strong but incomplete data for something that could be completed with more money.

He said if the prelim data will confuse the issue I should just submit now.

I'm not sure yet what my results will look like, but I'm inclined to think it won't be clear and beautiful. I'm leaning towards submitting now.

gigirose said...

i say submit now, because then it will be off of your shoulders for a bit. in the mean time, you can work on analyzing your prelim data and then IF you have to resubmit, you'll be prepared to turn it around quickly.