Monday, June 22, 2009

Back at Nyota

After two days of travel, Jon and I are back at Nyota. We forgot the
new pillows we bought on the bus, and a lost another water bottle.
Crap. It's really stressful to be traveling with so much stuff. Then
we got to the house I'm sharing with Rena and found that none of the
mattresses (there are 3) fit the bed I bought right before I left. We
have inadequate sheets and we had to creatively hang the mosquito net.
My room still didn't have a light bulb and the place is dirty but
we're going to spend tomorrow making it more like home. I'm going to
pay someone to scrub my room clean. It smells kind of musty.

My inclination was to jump right back into field work tomorrow, but
after talking with Jon I think it's important that we straighten out
things at the house first. I'll meet with my field assistants tomorrow
morning, hopefully send them off to continue collecting data, and
spend the rest of the day arranging things to make life reasonably
comfortable. Then I can get down to doing some serious science.


Transient Theorist said...

It's really important to have a settled, organized home-base, so you can relax/sleep/not feel stressed everywhere... Everyone needs a little get-away space to make them more productive and happy. I think your decision is a good one.

Hope the rash is getting better. That pregnisone stuff is nasty business.

EcoGeoFemme said...

It sounds like a good idea to get your living space in order, because otherwise you'll might stress about it every day after field work. Good luck!