Sunday, June 21, 2009


This is just a rant about taxes.

After trying for months to figure out what I'm supposed to pay taxes
on and what I'm not for my fellowship, I was relieved to finally
submit my taxes online. So relieved, in fact, that I paid the $10 for
FreeTaxUSA to submit my state return online instead of printing it out
and mailing it in myself. Because I didn't have taxes taken out of my
fellowship, I owed state and federal taxes. What I did not realize in
my haste was that FreeTaxUSA did not automatically pay my STATE taxes
with the bank account information I gave them, only my FEDERAL taxes.
I should've noticed we had some extra money, but for several reasons
that are too boring and complex to explain, I didn't.

Just before Jon left for Ukenzagapia last week I received a letter
saying I owe $36 in penalties and interest on my unpaid taxes, in
addition to the taxes I should've paid in April. I'm trying to pay
online from here but it's always more complicated than it first
appears. If I'd just mailed the damn thing in myself I wouldn't be
dealing with this now.

I'm so annoyed that I spend so much time thinking about our money and
trying to manage it and still miss shit like this. #@!$!*#%*#!@ $36.

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