Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bits of news

Things are going pretty well. I'm so lucky to be working in such a
beautiful place! Today I enjoyed the views from the back of my field
assistant's motorbike. I enjoyed it more before I realized how much
petrol costs out here (~$1.50 per liter) and how much it will take to
get to most of my field sites. Yikes. I'll definitely bike when I can.

The past two days in the field have been productive. My field
assistants are great, though sometimes we have miscommunication
problems. Soon I'll arrange language tutoring for me out here. I
haven't made time for studying yet on my own due to several pressing

In the evenings I've been trying hard to crank out some time-sensitive
documents for to the project I'm involved in back home. We have to
submit a protocol to the IRB for research involving human subjects.
Given how long such reviews can take and the fact that we want to
start asap, the paperwork should've been done weeks ago. Ai!

I also still need to submit the bits and pieces for the grant proposal
from months ago. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get much uploaded to
fastlane when I had a cheaper, more reliable internet connection.

My goal is to use only 3 MB per day until Jon gets here in just two
weeks. My computer started to download a software update when I wasn't
paying attention which blew today's quota. I won't be reading any
blogs for a while.

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KGG said...

I miss you Karina! I can't wait until you are back stateside so we can catch up! I have so much news for you! I also have a very belated wedding gift to send you. In the meantime I'll continue tracking you via your blog. --KG