Sunday, March 22, 2009

weekend adventures

We're in San Diego this weekend for the wedding of two of our friends from SFC. They are the first of our close friends to get married. This begins the wave of weddings for us in 2009. My best friend just got engaged last weekend, so that's another wedding for 2009! That makes eight (four from SFC).

The wedding yesterday was amazing. The ceremony was outside overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We had a great time dancing at the reception and the SFC crowd "won the party" (or at least we tried, the caterers might have actually won when they took away the keg that wasn't finished). I broke a wine glass when I tried to set it down too hard and then did a fantastic improvisation of a choreographed routine I did in college. Yep, I was drunk.

We're having a great time exploring the San Diego area and southern California. We're making a long weekend of it and going home late Monday night. Maybe I'll post some photos of our adventures. Tomorrow we're going to Joshua Tree National Park but I've scheduled a post.

Also, today is Jon's birthday. This has been much better than last year, when Jon spent his entire birthday with me in the hospital because I had appendicitis. Maybe I'll add a photo of my scar one year post-appendectomy. ***Note: Photo added on March 24.***

Ok, that's enough rambling for tonight. We're got to rest up for our adventures tomorrow!

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