Tuesday, March 24, 2009

schedule madness

Between my prelims (two weeks ago now) and May, there is something happening every single weekend. I'm not just talking having people over for dinner or something (we do that almost once a week anyways); I mean we're either going somewhere or people are staying with us. We pushed a bunch of trips into that time frame (post-prelims).* The weekend after prelims we visited my parents, last weekend we went to a wedding, next weekend we have other family visiting, the next weekend I'm going to a bridal shower for my friend, the weekend after that we're visiting Jon's sister, and then we leave to finish preparing things the weekend before our wedding, then our wedding and then it's May!

Tonight my mom and my sister's boyfriend are staying with us. Thursday evening my aunt, uncle, cousin, and Jon's niece all arrive for the weekend. Also, a visiting student at BNHM is subletting our guest room for the month of April. He's moving in on Monday right after our family leaves.

I had big plans for getting stuff done this week, but my time is seriously squeezed between our friend's wedding and the accompanying mini-vacation and several family members visiting. Tomorrow I start seeing a counselor. I might not get anything done at all. Gotta get that grant out.

*Actually, we also had 11 people spend the night at our apartment on the Friday before my prelims. I might still blog about that.

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