Thursday, March 19, 2009

'tis the GRFP notification season

It's that time of year again when applicants for NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship Program get antsy and my blog gets lots of hits from anxious grad students searching for GRF tidbits. I suppose I have written quite a few posts about my trials and tribulations applying for this damn fellowship. *sigh*

I'm still doing my best to forget that I applied this year. I'm not going to anxiously check Fastlane every day. I'm not expecting to hear a peep from NSF until April, which is when I was notified last year. It's also what they say on the GRFP website.

If I get it, cool. If not, it just means I'll be applying for EPA STAR and Fulbright fellowships, or possibly a more creative solution with teaching instead of my fellowship next year. Fretting about it at this point is all cost and no benefit. But if your anxiety wants company, go check out this forum.

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