Sunday, August 3, 2008

On the move

Mariya got back this week from her summer of field work. I'm so happy she's back. She spent a few nights here and then on Saturday I helped her move into her new apartment. I had to drive the truck (and technically I had to rent it too) since she doesn't have a U.S. drivers license. The whole process took several hours even though she doesn't have a ton of stuff because we had to pick things up from three different places. But, it wasn't so bad and I like her new place.

This afternoon I'm leaving for the ESA conference. I'll be back on Friday morning just in time to proctor my students' final exam and then a friend of mine from last summer arrives that afternoon. On Friday evening we'll get some people over and move our things from one apartment to the other. I am so excited about our new place!

I am also very excited about ESA. This is my first big conference of any sort, but I'll know a lot of people. There are some people from UBC (including Herb, Chip, and Mariya), some people from Mid-Atlantic Field Station, friends from EcoMath Camp, and my foreign study program leader from college. I'm also looking forward to putting faces to authors I've been reading this year, and meeting other people who are working on similar things.

So, this next week is going to be very busy. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post from ESA, since that would require some alone time and an internet connection. We'll see!


DancingFish said...

Have fun at the conference!

DancingFish said...

And also, when you get back and have time....Tag!