Saturday, November 3, 2007


My closest friend so far in my cohort of grad students is Mariya. She's also in Herb's lab and we TA the same class. We just always seem to end up chatting and she has come over to hang out with us a few times. I absolutely love to listen to her talk. She's from Central America and has an awesome accent. She's also really funny and she thinks I'm pretty funny so we laugh a lot.

Mariya's worried about being cold in the winter since she's never really experienced one before so she wants to get warm boots, coats, sweaters, everything. People keep telling her to get long underwear but she wasn't even sure exactly what it was. I told her to buy some nylon stockings and some good warm socks. Today we went shopping at the thrift store near my house and found lots of sweaters for her for about $10.

Sometimes Mariya comes into my office looking for some kind of advice or ideas about her research or something. Usually she thinks out loud, I have no idea what she's talking about, then she comes to some kind of revelation and thanks me for my help. I guess sometimes we just need someone to listen to us think.

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