Sunday, November 18, 2007

updating my C.V.

Last week in the core course for new grad students we had to prepare CVs for our future selves post-Ph.D. and post-doc. It was kind of fun to make up publications and decide which journals I would publish in. We also had to look for jobs we thought we would want to apply for (and that we'd be qualified for!). I found several listings for assistant professorships at liberal arts colleges that sounded good.

Highlights from my CV from 2014:
-I finished my Ph.D. in 2012 (5 years, that's good)
-I published in Ecology
-I had five publications from my Ph.D.
-I co-led a study abroad program
-I got the NSF GRFP and several small (<$5,000) grants
-I did a two year post-doc teaching and coordinating a REU program at a small university

While we were discussing our CVs and job searches, the prof asked how many of us published in Science or Nature. Three men raised their hands and zero women. Women outnumber men in my program 2 to 1. What's up with that? I've got some thoughts on gender and science that will appear on the blog eventually.

From this exercise and discussion I decided that it is time to update the format of my CV. The format I've been using for the past several years has served me well, but I need to upgrade to a more standard format for academia. My goal is to get this done before Thanksgiving. Both of the grants I'm applying for in December need CVs so I want to get this done.

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