Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Primate's Memoir

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Robert Sapolsky, author of A Primate's Memoir, speak in Big City. Sapolsky is a Neurobiologist at Stanford and author of several books. I absolutely love A Primate's Memoir. It is hands-down one of my favorite books. It makes me laugh and makes me cry like no other book has. I love reading field biologist memoirs and this is one of the best.

I was SO excited when I heard Sapolsky was coming to speak. Most of his research has to do with stress and his lecture was about stress-related diseases which isn't a particular interest of mine but I knew that if his lectures were half as entertaining as his writing that it would be worthwhile. I wasn't disappointed. I brought my dog-eared copy of A Primate's Memoir for him to sign after the talk. Several people were standing around him afterwards but I managed to get him to sign my book before he had to leave. I think I rambled a little bit too much and was probably came off as a slightly over enthusiastic fan but he was very polite and took my gushing compliments of his book very humbly. Also, he still has big curly hair like the picture of him on the back cover (in case you have the book). Read his book and don't pass up a chance to see him speak.


Anne-Marie said...

I love that book! The Trouble with Testosterone is excellent also, I highly recommend it! It's awesome that you got to hear him speak, is he promoting a new book or just making the rounds with speaking events?

Karina said...

He wasn't promoting a new book, just talking about stress and disease. I saw you had A Primate's Memoir on your Shelfari book shelf. I joined shelfari and might put my shelf on the blog soon.

buddy2blogger said...

Dr Sapolsky has created a masterpiece with this book. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Check out my review of the book.