Sunday, November 18, 2007

My art on the wall

This week we finally framed and hung some of my drawings! We ordered the frames online (it's hard to find square frames) and Jon matted them. We still need to print some of the awesome photographs we took during our travels last year and get those framed. Hopefully we can get some up before Christmas.


Alexandra said...

Those are really awesome! You really have developed a talent. Also, I like the way you hung them on the wall. I remember a conversation Tim and Rachel had in Blue Shutters. Rachel had all sorts of photos framed and hung on the wall. Tim really liked the pictures but what he especially liked was the Rachel didn't hang them in a perfectly straight line but more in a Z pattern. Ever since then I've notice how people hang their art work. I like how you two chose to hand the three photos.

Paulina said...

Art! That's what I'm talking about!!!!