Sunday, November 18, 2007

oh dear me... I just joined Facebook

I think I was the second-to-last twenty-something who went to college to not have a Facebook account (Jon still doesn't and is firmly resisting). A few weeks ago (after my younger cousin, some of my students, and several of my friends asked me if I'm on Facebook) I decided I would join after finishing the review paper draft and some other things. So, tonight, after choosing a new layout for my CV I decided it was time to join Facebook. Geeze, I hope I don't regret this. There are some people from high school who I really don't care to reacquaint myself with over the internet. I just spent the last hour choosing pictures from RFC to upload to an album. This could be a serious time waster. Maybe I should've waited until winter break? Obviously it is now late and I need to go to sleep.


Anne-Marie said...

Welcome to the productivity vortex, glad you climbed aboard. ;)

Add me, add me!

Karina said...

Within 12 hours of joining, I've received friend requests from one of my students and someone who I *think* I was friends with in junior high but I can't tell from the name or pictures. ACK!!! I wish I'd played with the privacy settings more last night.