Friday, August 15, 2008

no space left

My ibook's hard drive is so small, and so full. It's 30 GB, and you can't even buy a regular ipod that small anymore. I've been getting messages that say "Your startup disc is almost full" regularly for several months. I've deleted every unnecessary program, hidden files for programs I don't need, songs I no longer listen to, and I only have photos from the past few months (with the exception of my 1 GB of RFC desktop pictures). I stopped downloading podcasts and most recently, program and system updates. That's also why it has taken me so long to post photos from the conference- I was afraid I wouldn't have room for them on my hard drive. It's getting ridiculous.

This morning I was working on my review paper for a while in bed. When I went to save the measly little Word document, it said, "Disc full- Save failed." Oh crap. I had to empty the trash and quit a program to make it save. I then decided that it would be prudent to back up my entire hard drive onto Jon's external drive in the event of some meltdown. While I was backing it up it said I had 3.4 MB of free space.

My fellowship will pay for a new computer, and I'm just dying to get one with a huge hard drive, but according to the Mac Rumors Buyer's Guide, Apple is coming out with the next big Macbook updates at the end of September. I just need Critter to hang in there a little longer. I bought Critter on ebay in May 2007, and the AppleCare expired last December, so it's almost 4 years old. If the hard drive weren't so small I'd wait until it totally died on me, because I plan for my next computer to see me through the rest of grad school.

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